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May 15, 2024. Impressionnism and gastronomy

Meals along the brushes...

Organised by the Société des Lettres, des Sciences et des Arts des Alpes Maritimes - Nice

Claude Monet and Georges Clemenceau feasted on meals concocted by their respective cooks. Paul Cézanne painted peaches, Paul Gauguin oysters, Gustave Caillebotte hors d'oeuvres, Pierre Auguste Renoir eggplants and shallots, Camille Pissarro vegetable gardens. The boaters' lunch is overflowing with food on the terrace of the Maison Fournaise, immortalized by the same Renoir.

Painting and gastronomy have always gone well together. It is into this hybrid universe that Fabrice Roy will invite the public to immerse themselves during a conference specially concocted for gourmets...


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