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The unknown gems of the Langmatt Museum

The Langmatt Museum in Baden is unique in the Swiss museum landscape. The Art Nouveau villa of industrial couple Sidney and Jenny Brown-Sulzer houses one of the largest private collections of French Impressionists in Europe.

The Brown family lived in Villa Baden for two generations. In 1987, after the death of its last resident, Dr. John A Brown, the city of Baden established the "Langmatt Sidney and Jenny Brown Foundation" and opened the house to the public in 1990 as a living museum of impressionism.

Maurice Denis. Portrait de famille. 1902. Collection particulière
Pierre-Auguste Renoir. La barque. Vers 1878. Musée Langmatt

As early as 1908, the Browns sought the advice of the Winterthur painter and art broker Carl Montag (1880-1956) and gradually acquired paintings by artists such as Paul Gauguin, Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Mary Cassatt and Paul Cézanne in Parisian galleries and collections. One of the first and most important collections of impressionism in Switzerland was created.

Catherine de Gillès. Sur le meuble, la tasse du tableau et sa soucoupe. © Fabrice Roy
Claude Monet. Banquise au crépuscule. 1893. Musée Langmatt

The core of the collection consists of around 50 exceptional paintings, most of which were acquired between 1908 and 1919, when Impressionism was still considered contemporary art. Precious French furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries, sculptures, drawings, textiles, silverware and porcelain as well as Chinese ceramics complete this unique ensemble.

Maurice Denis. Les deux berceaux. Vers 1899. Collection particulière.
Camille Pissarro. Le boulevard de Montmartre au printemps. 1897. Musée Langmatt

Villa Langmatt was built in 1899-1901 on land called "Lange Matte" by architect Karl Moser (1860-1936) for the couple Sidney and Jenny Brown-Sulzer. The architect is from Baden and runs an architectural office in Karlsruhe with Robert Curjel (1859-1925). With Karl Moser, the Browns hired a renowned architect who is today one of the protagonists of modern Swiss architecture.

Les signatures de Maurice Denis et de Philippe Parrot-Lecomte. © Fabrice Roy
Le Musée Langmatt de nos jours. Photo

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