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Welcome to Cassandre Roberge

Cassandre joins for a month Art, History and Conferences. She is Canadian and is currently studying business administration. At the same time, she is political attaché to Ian Lafrenière, member of the National Assembly of Quebec and minister responsible for relations with the Primary Nations and the Inuit.

Maurice Denis. Portrait de famille. 1902. Collection particulière
Cassandre Roberge © DR

Cassandre Roberge specializes in marketing, public relations and event organization. She has a particular taste for subjects related to graphic design and different communication strategies.

There is no doubt that she will be of invaluable assistance in the conduct of the various projects led by Fabrice Roy, linked to the promotion of conferences, cultural trips and the Museum of Fine Arts in Nice.

Dans ses conférences d'histoire de l'art, Fabrice Roy conjugue le passé au présent, dans une évocation poétique et ludique du 19ème siècle français...


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