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Conference: Napoleon III and Eugenie: love and destiny

Napoléon III et Eugénie. Conférences de Fabrice Roy

Exiled teenager, repeated conspirator, Swiss army officer, studious prisoner and London constable, Napoleon III had a life that would be enough to contain the biography of a dozen adventurers. The fumes that disappeared from the ashes of the First Empire were deposited on the soil of a meticulous, organized, humanist spirit who never gave in to the temptation of conformism, whether it was about his marriage or his conduct of State. His meeting with Eugenie de Montijo (y Portocarrero, y ...) and their union, which he imposed on those close to him, are the prelude to the splendours of a Second Empire which lasted longer than the first.

With Fabrice Roy, let's go back in time, through the balls, the games, the pleasures but also the dramas experienced by Napoleon and Eugenie, an exceptional couple.

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