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Tigran Malkhasyan: art and invention.

Tigran Malkhasyan is an artist and designer of Armenian origin who left his studio in Saint-Petersburg following the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

A refugee in France, he patiently reconstructs an original universe in which art and technology are closely intertwined.

Let's discover this serial inventor and painter with a solid sense of humor with an exclusive interview with Fabrice Roy.

Lee Tiller et son tableau . La petite fille et les nymphéas. © Lee Tiller
Tigran Malkhasyan. © Fabrice Roy

Born in Yerevan in the family of a St. Petersburg scientist and physicist, Tigran Malkhasyan studied at the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute. From 1985 to 1989 he worked at the A.F. Ioffe Physical and Technical Institute where he studied non-destructive optical testing methods and laser technology. He was one of the first in the USSR to engage in pictorial holography. As an independent artist, he participates in the artistic life of Armenia, France and Russia.

Lee Tiller. La petite fille et Monet. © Lee Tiller
© DR

At first glance, his work is part of traditional abstract art: dots, stains, scratches... But the originality lies in the fact that the artist puts himself constantly withdrawn from the creative process. He does not send a personal message, does not express emotions: he paints, and lets natural forces act, centripetal or centrifugal, gravitational or surface tension, diffusion or repulsion.

Lee Tiller. La promesse du lendemain. Soleil couchant. © Lee Tiller
Icône au QR code © DR

For Tigran Malkhasyan, admirer of the great mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot, pictorial analogues of natural fractals are very important. Through these scratches, dots and swirls of paint, crystalline structures, clusters of cells seen under a microscope, stalactites formed in caves, or traces of waves on the sand are modeled.

Lee Tiller. Un chemin abrité. © Lee Tiller
Tigran Malkhasyan © Fabrice Roy

The works of Tigran Malkhasyan can be found in the State Russian Museum, the National Art Gallery of Armenia, the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow MMOMA, the Elysée Palace - France (Brigitte Macron collection), as well only to the private collections of René Guerra, Ivan Tretyakov, Kirill Shishkov, Raivis Zabis (RZ Collection), Creative World Foundation of Vyacheslav Zarenkov, Roman and Sophia Trotsenko “Winzavod” - Moscow and other places.

To know more about Tigran Malkhasyan:

In his art history lectures, Fabrice Roy combines the past with the present, in a poetic and playful evocation of the French 19th century...

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