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The Caillebotte brothers and the Street-Art

Martial and Gustave Caillebotte inspired C125, the street artist, who has just painted them in a fresco on the wall of a building in Argenteuil, in the Paris suburb.

La fresque de C125 des frères Caillebotte à Argenteuil. ©DR
La fresque de C125 à Argenteuil. ©DR

The two brothers, whose photo that inspired the work probably dates from 1886, were then living in Paris, in an apartment on Boulevard Hausmann. A year later, Martial Caillebotte married Marie Minoret and moved to rue Scribe. As for Gustave, he bought his brother's shares in a property they owned in Petit-Genevilliers, near Argenteuil and lived there until his death in 1894.

La photo originale de Martial et Gustave. © DR
The original photo of Martial and Gustave. © DR

The Caillebotte siblings included four brothers. The eldest, Alfred, born from a previous marriage of their father Martial, was parish priest of Notre-Dame de Lorette. Then came Gustave, born in 1848, René, in 1851, and finally Martial in 1853. René died prematurely at the age of 25, in 1876.

L'histoire de la fratrie des Caillebotte

Gustave Caillebotte was a member of the Cercle de la Voile de Paris (CVP), founded in 1858 and based in Argenteuil. He became the sailor who won the most prizes in France and was appointed vice-president of the CVP in 1880. He became a naval architect recognized beyond the borders by designing and building more than 26 competition yachts.

C215, pseudonym of Christian Guémy, is an urban artist, French stencil artist, born in October 1973 in Bondy. He works and lives in Vitry-sur-Seine, in Greater Paris, where he has invited hundreds of international artists to transform his city.

In his art history lectures, Fabrice Roy combines the past with the present, in a poetic and playful evocation of the French 19th century...


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