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Sorolla in black

The Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Sorolla Museum and the eponymous Foundation present "Sorolla in black" until November 27, 2022 at the Sorolla Museum in Madrid.

The exhibition is centered on the black color present in the universe of the Spanish painter Joaquin Sorolla and the apparent contradiction that the visitor can feel by the fact that the artist is more associated with the mastery of light and color.

Kees VAN DONGEN Le tango de l'archange 1922-1935 Huile sur toile 196*197 cm Nouveau Musée National de Monaco © Adagp, Paris, 2022
Joaquin Sorolla. Retrato de Agustín Otermín, 1892. Colección Banco Santander

"Sorolla en noir" invites us to ask ourselves if associating the artist with the color black is a paradox or if, on the contrary, it represents another point of view to understand and appreciate the painter in his globality and his complexity.

The intense light of the Mediterranean, the scenes full of colors, the infinitely nuanced whites are the traits with which we usually identify the painter Joaquín Sorolla and his vast production. However, black, which can be seen as the antithesis of color, darkness itself, also features prominently on his palette.

Kees Van Dongen sur les planches. Août 1952. © Georges Dambier
Joaquin Sorolla. Trata de blancas, 1894. Museo Sorolla

As a result, a careful selection of more than 62 works has been brought together both from the Museum's collection and from loans from institutions and private collections that have generously collaborated with the Sorolla Museum in this exhibition.

Some of the works exhibited, in particular those of private collectors, have remained unpublished to the knowledge of the public, such as the painting of María in 1911, the portrait of Manuel Bartolomé Cossío in 1908 or the portrait of Manuel Ducassi de Laiglesia, circa 1905.

After its recent restoration, the work H.M. Queen Maria Cristina. Study for "La Régence", around 1903-1905 will also be presented.

Museo Sorolla

C/ General Martínez Campos, 37

28010 - Madrid

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