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Nick Danziger: globetrotter and photographer ...

Yesterday evening, Tuesday November 16, the famous photographer Nick Danziger presented his incredible journey during a conference - cocktail dinner organized by Skal International Monaco of which he is a member.

Constantine Panoussi, Nick Danziger, Jonas Ogren © Fabrice Roy

It is in the astonishing setting of the Pearls of Monaco, at the end of the Fontvieille pier, that the Skal International de Monaco and its President Jonas Ogren organized a very special evening yesterday. Indeed, the club hosted one of its eminent members, the photographer and globetrotter Nick Danziger. Through a 45-minute experience sharing, Nick literally conquered his audience by the passionate relationship of some exceptional facts and encounters that his long career has allowed him to live.

Nick Danziger © Fabrice Roy

Nick Danziger was born in London but raised in Monaco and Switzerland. From an early age, he developed a taste for adventure and travel and, inspired by the Belgian comic book reporter Tintin, took off on his first solo trip to Paris at the age of 13. Without a passport or plane ticket he manages to enter the country and travel. around, selling sketches to make money. Nick's initial ambition was to be an artist, and he went on to attend the Chelsea School of Art, where he earned a master's degree in fine arts and was soon represented by the Robert Fraser Gallery.

George Bush Jr et Tony Blair © Nick Danziger

Nick Danziger has spent much of the past 25 years photographing the most disadvantaged parts of the world. More recent photographic projects have included a study of the impact of armed conflict on women and trips to eight of the world's most deprived countries to meet people living in extreme poverty. The objective was to document the progress made towards achieving the eight “Millennium Development Goals” set by the United Nations to eradicate poverty by 2015. It is clear that there is still a lot to be done.

An atypical and authentic setting....© Fabrice Roy

The meeting took place in the port of Fontvieille, at the Pearls of Monte-Carlo.

This is where Brice Cachia and Fréderic Rouxeville, two biologists by training, embarked on the refining of marine products in 2011, in a region where the oyster farming tradition is almost non-existent. Sitting on wooden benches, it is in this corner of Brittany at the foot of the princely palace that one can discover exceptional products, accompanied by a glass of organic wine.

The Skal International Côte d'Azur was represented by Fabrice Roy, kindly invited by Mireille Gouhier, member of the management committee, in charge of interclub relations at Skal de Monaco.

Quai Jean-Charles Rey

98000 Monaco


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