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Namur, Fine Arts and Eugène

In Namur, with our Belgian friends, the Galerie du Beffroi exhibits until March 3 works by the painter Eugène Colignon (1876-1961) through a perspective of the students of the painting course of Pierre Debatty, from the Academy of Fine Arts of the city.

Paul Cézanne. Émile Zola. 1862-1864. Musée Granet
© Eugène Colignon. Péniche.

Eugène Colignon studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Namur, where he was born. He then perfected his skills in Brussels with Isidore Verheyden, traveled to Brittany twice, before and after the Great War. He will also visit Germany, Algeria whose light he described in his correspondence. He will also stay in Italy in Rome and Florence. Like Désiré Merny, who was his young teacher, Colignon painted many landscapes of his native country. Although he was influenced at his beginnings by the French Neo-Impressionists, his broad and frank touch would rather bring him closer to an Édouard Manet or an Armand Guillaumin.

Édouard Manet. Emile Zola. 1868.© RMN-Grand Palais (Musée d’Orsay) / Hervé Lewandowski
Armand Guillaumin. Les péniches. 1904. Musée Bonnat-Helleu © RMN-Grand Palais (musée d'Orsay) / René-Gabriel Ojéda

Eugène Colignon happily painted the shores of the Meuse and the snowy landscapes. Member of the XX group, like James Ensor or Théo Van Rysselberghe, he was a drawing teacher at the Academy of Namur from 1930 to 1946 and died in the same city in 1961.

Jean-François Raffaelli. Portrait de Zola sur la couverture de "l'Assomoir". 1892. Collection d'Edmond de Goncourt. BNF
© Eugène Colignon. Loverval sous la neige.

As part of its exhibition, "Namur Landscapes of Yesterday and Today", the Galerie du Beffroi presents works by Eugène Colignon alongside paintings by his distant fellows Fine Arts students who were freely inspired by his themes.

© Didier Moens
© Didier Moens

Rue du Beffroi 13

5000 Namur

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