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Monginot emerges from oblivion

Friend of Edouard Manet who included him in 1860 in his painting "Music at the Tuileries", Charles Monginot (1825-1900) began his career at the Salon of 1850. A great painter of still lifes and genre scenes, this painter and engraver was a student of Thomas Couture, whose workshop, opened in 1848, competed with the School of Fine Arts in Paris. Monginot preceded Manet who himself, and despite sometimes conflicting relations with Couture, stayed there for 6 years.

White Ships, 1908, watercolor over graphite, with gouache and wax resist, Brooklyn Museum
Charles Monginot. Double portrait. Jeune élégante à la cigarette et homme au cigare.

Charles Monginot regularly frequents the Café Guerbois where Edouard Manet and his friends regularly met until 1875.

Soldats espagnols, ch. 1903, aquarelle sur mine de plomb, avec gouache, Brooklyn Museum
Charles Monginot. Le rémouleur. Galerie Courcelles Antiquités 97 rue de Courcelles Paris

A good comrade of Eugène Boudin who recommended Claude Monet to him, he received the latter very friendly when he stayed in Paris in 1859. It was moreover at Charles Monginot's that Claude Monet saw Edouard Manet for the first time.

Pêcheur majorquin, 1908, huile sur toile, Collection privée
Charles Monginot. Nature Morte dite du "bon vivant"

It is quite difficult to spot the works of this talented artist. Most are in private collections or in provincial museums, such as those of Nice, Nancy or Tours. Edouard Manet himself owned a still life by Charles Monginot.

Fresque de la bibliothèque de Boston par John Singer Sargent
Charles Monginot

In his art history lectures, Fabrice Roy combines the past with the present, in a poetic and playful evocation of the French 19th century...


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