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Lodève Museum: on the way to Impressionism!

The museum of Lodève presents from October 1, 2022 to March 19, 2023 an exhibition devoted to the place of landscape in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts of Reims. The latter, closed for renovation until the end of 2025, entrusted some of its treasures to the Lodève museum. Corot, Boudin, Jongkind, Courbet, Daubigny, Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Marquet, are, among others, the painters highlighted by this exhibition.

White Ships, 1908, watercolor over graphite, with gouache and wax resist, Brooklyn Museum
Claude Monet. Les rochers de Belle-Ïle. 1886.© MBA Reims-C. Devleeschauwer

The exhibition illustrates the evolution of the landscape from the end of the 18th century – beginning of the 19th century to the modernity of Denise Esteban (1925-1986) via Impressionism where painters freed themselves from the shackles of academicism.

Soldats espagnols, ch. 1903, aquarelle sur mine de plomb, avec gouache, Brooklyn Museum
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paysage, vers 1890.© MBA Reims-C. Devleeschauwer

Ivonne Papin, director of the Lodève Museum explains: "... with this exhibition, I did not want to show a linear history of the evolution of the landscape but rather put a spotlight on different key moments or on certain artists we are talking about. less often.The exhibition first highlights Camille Corot with 11 paintings.

Camille Corot, Mantes, le soir, La cathédrale de Mantes, vers 1860-1865. © MBA Reims-C. Devleeschauwer
Camille Corot, Mantes, le soir, La cathédrale de Mantes, vers 1860-1865. © MBA Reims-C. Devleeschauwer

In front of the sea or immersed in the countryside, attentive to atmospheric variations and sometimes pushing their sense of color to the extreme, the generations after, Sisley, Monet, Renoir, then a little later Martin, Maufra and Moret, dazzle in the section dedicated to the Impressionists.

Pêcheur majorquin, 1908, huile sur toile, Collection privée
Albert Marquet, Le quai des Grands Augustins, vers 1905. © MBA Reims-C. Devleeschauwer

Without forgetting Marquet, represented by one of his most beautiful views of the quays of the Seine...

Square Georges Auric

34700 Lodève

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