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Giuseppe Carta at the Mougins Monumental 2022 Open-Air Exhibition

Every year, the village of Mougins organizes an open-air exhibition presenting monumental works in its picturesque streets and its most emblematic sites! After the success of the sculpted animals by Davide Rivalta, the new exhibition Monumental 2022, opens on April 2 with the works of the famous Italian artist Giuseppe Carta. For this 7th edition, more than sixty sculptures will be installed in 23 places in the city, especially in the old village!

Giuseppe Carta ©DR

Giuseppe Carta is a famous Italian artist recognized worldwide for his paintings of still lifes of great realism and for his giant sculptures in the shape of fruits and animals. In his youth, he was mainly interested in classical music, choral singing and the piano, before turning to oil painting in the 80s. Today, the artist practices the realistic universe of still life for 40 years. This year, he was invited to present his collection entitled "Germinations" as part of the Mougins Monumental 2022 exhibition.

His works of art

Peppers, fruits and vegetables on a human scale will be able to flourish in Mougins, with an ecological and environmentally friendly message in the background. By illustrating the riches of the earth like a magnifying mirror, the artist hopes to raise public awareness of the need to respect the earth. For Giuseppe Carta, nature, earth and germination are symbols of beauty, life, hope and love.

© Giuseppe Carta website

The common thread of his art is nature and the fruits of the earth, which he represents in their moments of maximum splendor, but also in those of their ephemeral character, their evolution and their maturation. Then comes the sculpture, which somehow gives "life" to his still lifes. He calls the process of creation "Germination": the sudden, almost magical and anomalous birth of large fruits in polychrome resin, bronze or reflective aluminium. These fruits, which constitute a fundamental part of the history of the rural economy of all Italy, become art thanks to Giuseppe Carta and offer themselves to us as "illustrious figures" honored by our time.

Giuseppe Carta creates his sculptures using the ancient technique of lost wax casting in Pietrasanta, the emblematic Tuscan city of sculpture. It goes to the heart of the material and, through a skilful use of color, generates eye-catching pop-stage visions.

His sculptures, immediately recognizable and inimitable, are exhibited in many important cultural places and at major international events.

Useful information :

Exhibition from April 2 to September 25, 2022.

Opening of the event on April 2, 2022 at 6 p.m. on Place des Patriotes (Village)

In the presence of:

  • Richard Galy, Mayor of Mougins

  • Leonardo Paoletti, Mayor of Lerici

  • Alberto Stefano Giovannetti, Mayor of Pietrasanta,

  • The artist Giuseppe Carta.

6:45 p.m.: visit of the exhibition

7:30 p.m.: dance performance

8:00 p.m.: cocktail

Map of the works available at the Tourist Office (Village) and to download from


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