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Décember 4, 2023. The universal exhibition of 1889

Where modernity sparkles !

Organized by the Belcanto agency

Clearly, a universal exhibition is a beautiful thing! A meeting, a gigantic fair, a family outing, a goal for a walk, the display of know-how, the rediscovered power of a nation proud of its inventors, its architects, its artists, its armies .

1889! It was 130 years ago and yet, are they so different from us, these French people that we see in the photographs, these families, these children who could be, for most of us, our ancestors? grandparents?

Let's go back through the years, and immerse ourselves through a series of incredible photos, plans and 3D reconstructions in this universal exhibition which was, much more than that of 1900, the true entry of France and the world into modernity.

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